National Floors Direct Reviews: Renowned Canal Street Market Restoration

National Floors Direct

September 25, 2020

National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Reviews have shown that the quality flooring provider has earned a particular reputation for helping older NYC locations update their flooring without giving up the charm and historic flavor that they are so popularly associated with. The latest example is the market between worlds, Canal Street Market, located between Soho and Chinatown.

Thanks to National Floors Direct Reviews, Canal Street Market will be able to enjoy revitalized flooring and remodeling across the area. This will help improve and facilitate the three primary sections of Canal Street Market:

  • Community and Events: National Floors Direct Reviews indicate that the company excels at restoration for community spaces where durability and safety are important – but where it’s also important to honor the feeling and fashion of the space. This particularly true of Canal Street Market’s community area, where live events can be held, and where customers congregate at the food plaza to enjoy their favorite meal.
  • Retail Spaces: The Market is also home to a wide variety of shops offering unique takes on fashion, décor, and much more. For these spaces, National Floors Direct Reviews have shown that the flooring provider answered a particular challenge – how to incorporate the minimalistic and customer-friendly aesthetic without seeming too cold. Hardwoods and carefully chosen vinyl provided the necessary look for many shops, including the American Design Club, Seven 50 jewelry stores, Siizu sustainable lifestyle, and many others.
  • Food and Beverages: Restaurants were also a focus for the latest renovations according to National Floors Direct Reviews. The Canal Street Market includes popular joints such as Azumma, Boba Guys, the Suk katsu shop, and the daring Mission Ceviche. For busy restaurants like these, floor durability and longevity are particularly important, and National Floors Direct Reviews make it clear that the company can customize solutions based on key factors like foot traffic and matching the existing styles of the restaurants or shops.

National Floors Direct Reviews show that the company has been active in a variety of NYC community projects, restoring beloved spaces in some of the most interesting corners of the city so that patrons can continue to enjoy them.

Among the many National Floors Direct Reviews, the company clearly shows its expertise in a wide variety of flooring projects, including the latest hardwoods, carpeting, luxury vinyl, laminates, and more. This allows the company to provide customized flooring solutions that honor the history of the building while equipping them for new activities, greater durability, and better safety features.

According to National Floors Direct Reviews, other important projects the provider has successfully completed include updating the Historic Pier A Harbor House and renovating the Sohotel. An experience like this, combined with positive National Floors Direct Reviews, shows the importance of finding a flooring provider that can approach floor solutions from different angles depending on the goals of the restoration, budgets involved, and how the space is used.