How Renovating During a Pandemic Works, Explained by National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct

May 14, 2020

National Floors Direct

Many people find themselves working from home during the pandemic. As such, it is easier for homeowners to identify areas where they want to make home improvements. National Floors Direct provides ways to make home renovations.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a particular emphasis on “social distancing.” The CDC guidelines recommend at least six-feet distancing from others to avoid potentially contracting the coronavirus. Although this can make it harder to work with home renovation contractors, it is not impossible. National Floors Direct recommends homeowners identify what projects they want to complete first.

National Floors Direct

Once a list of projects is identified, it’s easier to identify how the work will be done. While some projects can be done as DIY, others will need professional installers. It is possible to explore reviews from National Floors Direct and other companies in order to find out who can provide quality work.

National Floors Direct recommends doing research online in regards to the various flooring materials that can be provided. This includes everything from carpet to laminate. There are pros and cons of each type of flooring, so it’s critical for homeowners to review what will work for their space. Further, catalogs, such as what’s available online at National Floors Direct, can be reviewed to become familiar with the various colors and styles.

Products Needed to Install a Floor | National Floors Direct

The products needed to install a floor can be delivered right to a homeowner’s door. This allows the homeowner to use the time off from the pandemic to provide the installation. Should professional installation be required, there are contractors who will still work. Home improvement is identified as an “essential service.” Rather than shaking hands with the installation crew, it’s best to communicate with them prior to their arrival. This will ensure that greetings are done electronically. National Floors Direct also recommends talking to the installers electronically to ensure they know what specifics need to be followed in regard to how the flooring will be installed throughout the home.

Once the installers have arrived, it’s possible to protect family members even further by remaining away from the installation team. This can involve taking a drive while the installation team works or by spending time in another room of the house. National Floors Direct installers have gone through extensive background checks, making it safe to have them work within the home without being present.

When renovations are being performed throughout the pandemic, added research is needed. National Floors Direct recommends contacting a company to find out what efforts they are taking to keep their employees safe and work with customers while maintaining safe social distancing at all times.

National Floors Direct continues to work in order to help with flooring renovations of all sizes.