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National Floors Direct Reviews Show Promising Feedback for New Product Lines

National Floors Direct Reviews reflect the quality craftsmanship and customer service of this fast-growing, direct to consumer business.

National Floors Direct has been in the flooring and carpeting business for years. However, the company recently decided to expand its product line to include luxury vinyl and laminate. Fortunately, the National Floors Direct Reviews are in — and they’re overwhelmingly positive!

5 National Floors Direct Reviews For The New Product Lines

Since the debut of the new product lines, the National Floors Direct Reviews have been flooding in. Here are just a few of the highlights:

1. “When my kitchen floor was damaged due to a leak, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone to replace it quickly and for a reasonable price. Fortunately, National Floors Direct offered to replace it with their luxury vinyl. I was surprised to find out that the labor and material were actually within my price range. The new flooring was installed quickly and I couldn’t be happier. It looks and feels great! – National Floors Direct Reviews

2. “I’ve been begging my parents to replace the old hardwood floors in their house for years. They look ugly and have slowly degraded over time. When I showed them some of the options at National Floors Direct, they finally gave in. I convinced them to go with the laminate “Corinthe” product, which gave them the look of a natural wood floor, without the drawbacks. National Floors Direct handled the job promptly and with great care. Now I can visit my parents without cringing while I walk!” – National Floors Direct Reviews

3. “When I first bought my condo, I thought the flooring would last for the long-term. Unfortunately, the laminate was low-quality and even started to crack in some areas. So, I shopped around a bit before I found National Floors Direct. They had a wide range of laminates to choose from. In the end, I was very happy with both the quality of their products and their helpful customer service.” – National Floors Direct Reviews

4. “I hated the idea of getting the floors replaced in my house. I knew it was going to be expensive and I assumed it would be very time-consuming. Thankfully, I found a company that offered a fair price for vinyl flooring and a quick turnaround time. They stuck to their word and I now have great floors in my entire 4 bedroom house!” – National Floors Direct Reviews

5. “A friend recommended National Floors Direct to me when I needed to replace the hardwood flooring. Based on my research, I knew that I wanted laminate. This company had a lot of different products to choose from. Once I picked my favorite, they came out and installed the new flooring without any issues. I highly recommend them.” – National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Lists the Benefits of a Luxury Vinyl Floor

There are a lot of different flooring types and a lot of different pros and cons for each. National Floors Direct is here to help you figure out if a luxury vinyl floor is for you.

 People get new flooring for a variety of reasons. Whether they need to replace their old flooring or merely are looking to try something different from what they have now. There are a lot of different things to look for when picking out flooring, ranging from the aesthetic value of the flooring to the material that goes into it. One kind of flooring that a lot of people go for when they want a really luxurious experience is a luxury vinal floor. National Floors Direct lists the various benefits of getting a luxury vinyl floor.

National Floors Direct: Lists of reasons why you should consider a luxury vinyl floor

There are a number of benefits associated with getting a luxury vinyl floor for one or more of your rooms. One of the best benefits National Floors Direct lists for getting a luxury vinyl floor is that it is waterproof. This makes it the perfect choice for use in a bathroom, kitchen, or a washroom, and any area that is going to be at a realistic risk of getting wet. It is also highly durable, ensuring that areas that receive a large amount of foot traffic do not have to get the flooring repaired or replaced quite as often. It also protects relatively well from pets, is a less expensive material than others may be, and for all of you amateur craftsmen, National Floors Direct recommends it, as it’s relatively easy to install. You should hire someone to install them if you are unsure of your ability to do so, however.

National Floors Direct suggests you be sure that a luxury vinyl floor is up your alley. There are pros and cons for every kind of flooring type, and no matter how good a luxury vinyl floor is, it is not for everyone and every situation. Vinyl floors have relative difficulty dealing with heavy loads; additionally, sunlight and strong temperatures can have adverse effects on the quality of the vinyl flooring. As such, if you are in the market for a luxury vinyl floor, National Floors Direct suggests that you avoide using it where it is going to be exposed to these elements.

For those who want that luxury look without having to worry about the higher degree of maintenance and needing to replace it so often, National Floors Direct strongly recommends luxury vinyl flooring. It looks just as nice as the pricier material, and on top of all that, it is quite comfortable on your bare feet. You can shop for luxury vinyl flooring on National Floors Direct today.

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How Renovating During a Pandemic Works, Explained by National Floors Direct

Many people find themselves working from home during the pandemic. As such, it is easier for homeowners to identify areas where they want to make home improvements. National Floors Direct provides ways to make home renovations.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a particular emphasis on “social distancing.” The CDC guidelines recommend at least six-feet distancing from others to avoid potentially contracting the coronavirus. Although this can make it harder to work with home renovation contractors, it is not impossible. National Floors Direct recommends homeowners identify what projects they want to complete first.

National Floors Direct

Once a list of projects is identified, it’s easier to identify how the work will be done. While some projects can be done as DIY, others will need professional installers. It is possible to explore reviews from National Floors Direct and other companies in order to find out who can provide quality work.

National Floors Direct recommends doing research online in regards to the various flooring materials that can be provided. This includes everything from carpet to laminate. There are pros and cons of each type of flooring, so it’s critical for homeowners to review what will work for their space. Further, catalogs, such as what’s available online at National Floors Direct, can be reviewed to become familiar with the various colors and styles.

Products Needed to Install a Floor | National Floors Direct

The products needed to install a floor can be delivered right to a homeowner’s door. This allows the homeowner to use the time off from the pandemic to provide the installation. Should professional installation be required, there are contractors who will still work. Home improvement is identified as an “essential service.” Rather than shaking hands with the installation crew, it’s best to communicate with them prior to their arrival. This will ensure that greetings are done electronically. National Floors Direct also recommends talking to the installers electronically to ensure they know what specifics need to be followed in regard to how the flooring will be installed throughout the home.

Once the installers have arrived, it’s possible to protect family members even further by remaining away from the installation team. This can involve taking a drive while the installation team works or by spending time in another room of the house. National Floors Direct installers have gone through extensive background checks, making it safe to have them work within the home without being present.

When renovations are being performed throughout the pandemic, added research is needed. National Floors Direct recommends contacting a company to find out what efforts they are taking to keep their employees safe and work with customers while maintaining safe social distancing at all times.

National Floors Direct continues to work in order to help with flooring renovations of all sizes.

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National Floors Direct a New York City Staple

One of the United States’ most significant cultural and economic hubs, New York City is world-famous as a dreamers’ destination. One of the most appealing things about The Big Apple is its historical position as the gateway to the land of opportunity. It’s here in the City That Never Sleeps that American dreams are made, whether it’s immigrant families landing at Ellis Island in search of a new life, or budding actors chasing Broadway stardom. But as most NYC business owners know, that which makes the city dynamic can also make it difficult to thrive in. With boundless opportunity and a booming populace comes fierce competition. That’s why NYC businesses can’t afford to overlook any detail, whether they’re starting a venture from the ground up or breathing new life into an existing one. National Floors Direct provides the ideal balance of affordability and quality New York City business owners and residents need to stand out above the crowd.

National Floors Direct is a direct-to-consumer specialty flooring provider headquartered in Astoria, NY. Its founders are flooring industry veterans, previously having owned and operated several shops in the greater New York area. As native New Yorkers, they have always been well in tune with the city’s residential and commercial needs. They recognized a demand for more reasonably-priced high-quality flooring options and, in 2005, set out to give the people what they wanted.National Floors Direct Reviews

An innovative, customer-first concept, National Floors Direct cuts out the middle man and connects consumers directly with some of the world’s biggest name-brand flooring manufacturers. In addition to their extensive catalog of high-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products, the company offers the lowest prices in the industry by 15 percent or more, as well as white-glove service. By “bringing the store to your door,” the National Floors Direct team provides business owners with an opportunity to see how samples will look in their space with its lighting, decor, and layout. The National Floors Direct crew also provides accurate, on-the-spot estimates, saving busy business people valuable time.

As the owners put it, they offer “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.”

National Floors Direct has thus far been involved in a number of significant New York City projects, including the revitalization of the Canal Street Market and Historic Pier A Harbor House, as well as construction for Fresh & Co. and developer HCRE.

With a service region encompassing much of the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, and a slew of five-star reviews, National Floors Direct is known throughout the East Coast for their white-glove service and fantastic selection.

National Floors Direct’s reviews,, are a testament to their exceptional offerings. Visit the company’s new website,, to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate.

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National Floors Direct Now Offering Two New Waterproof Flooring Products

As any property owner knows, maintaining flooring is one of the most important aspects of keeping your home or business in top condition. In high-traffic areas, however, it isn’t always easy, at least until now. Recently, Mohawk and Shaw, two of the top flooring manufacturers in North America, released their versions of waterproof floors. National Floors Direct, the Northeast United States’ leading direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty service, is the first specialty retailer to carry these innovative products.National Floors Direct Reviews

Shaw’s contribution to the waterproof flooring market is a luxury vinyl plank and tile. Already considered one of the most versatile, low-maintenance, and affordable flooring materials, Shaw has taken vinyl to the next level. Shaw SPC core waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile is resistant to moisture build-up, making it ideal for areas like kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms where wet shoes, leaky pipes, or spills can result in moisture buildup in regular floors.

Similarly, Mohawk’s laminate flooring is an upgrade to an existing favorite. Laminate, like vinyl, is generally low-maintenance, budget-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Laminate can even mimic the look of natural materials, like stone or wood, at a fraction of the price. Mohawk’s waterproof laminate utilizes SolidTech technology to enhance impermeability and stain resistance. SolidTech is also 50% denser than average composite core flooring, meaning it does not telegraph visual imperfections beneath the surface. The floors are not only waterproof but also resistant to heat and extreme temperature fluctuations.

More on National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct’s company motto, “We Bring the Store to Your Door®” says it all. National Floors Direct is committed to helping customers choose the ideal flooring for their home or business. Their team will come to you to help you select the best fit, then measure and price the job on the spot.

National Floors Direct’s reviews are a testament to their fantastic service and catalog of high-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products. Taking a revolutionary approach to flooring, they provide the perks of high-end retailers at the price of big-box suppliers, guaranteeing the lowest price in the industry.

Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate:

National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Rolls Out Brand New Website Redesign

Technology is an integral part of modern life, impacting everything from communication to business. One of the most advantageous effects of technology for consumers is the ability to conveniently research and connect with businesses and brands from the comfort of home. National Floors Direct, one of the Northeast United States’ biggest and best direct-to-consumer specialty flooring providers, recently rolled out a brand new redesigned website to provide customers with better user experience.National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct is all about meeting customers where they are and delivering exemplary products and services. Their website, which is as informative and useful as it is aesthetically pleasing, is the latest example of their dedication to excellence.

Immediately upon entering the site, visitors will find a well-organized home page where they can peruse National Floors Direct’s extensive catalog of carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and commercial products from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers. The site also features pop-ups advertising current deals, such as saving 60% on installation in January and the ability to request a free estimate. The site provides options for users to look into affordable financing options or learn more about the company as well.

Furthermore, users who book installation services online can receive a significant discount of $150 compared to booking over the phone or at one of National Floors Direct’s brick-and-mortar locations. The ability and incentive to book online go hand-in-hand with the company’s emphasis on making flooring installation seamless for every customer. The National Floors Direct motto, “We Bring the Store to Your Door” says it all.

Headquartered in Astoria, NY, with locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey, National Floors Direct is a company on the rise. In conjunction with its new website, the flooring supplier just opened a new 60,000 square-foot distribution center to meet increasing demand. With a service region encompassing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, National Floors Direct is fast becoming the go-to flooring supplier for East Coast businesses and residents alike.

Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate:

National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Promotes Justin Sawchuck to Sales Manager

National Floors Direct, one of the East Coast’s leading direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty companies, is proud to announce a new sales manager at their Milford, Connecticut location: Justin Sawchuk. Sawchuk was promoted from Field Sales and is looking forward to taking his team to new heights in the new year.

Prior to joining the National Floors Direct family, Sawchuck was a design consultant at Great Day Improvements and, before that, a product manager at Renewal by Andersen. He is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections. Justin is a veteran of the US Army and served in combat operations in Afganistan. His wealth of experience in home improvement, as well as his exceptional leadership skills, commitment to honesty and integrity, and business acumen make him the perfect person for the sales manager position.National Floors Direct Reviews

Sawchuck’s promotion is an exciting opportunity for advancement in a growing company. The company, headquartered in Astoria, NY, recently opened a brand new state-of-the-art 60,000 square-feet distribution center in Astoria to meet increasing demand.

The company also has office locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey. The company’s service region includes most of the Northeast United States.

National Floors Direct is also a fantastic company to work for as they are unique in their field, offering an array of exceptional-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products from some of the best names in the business at a fraction of the price of boutique retailers, without sacrificing quality, safety, or durability.

Not only does National Floors Direct guarantee top-quality goods and the lowest price in the industry by 15% or more, but they also “Bring the Store to Your Door®.” Their team visits customers’ homes or offices with samples, enabling the consumer to see exactly what the product will look like in their space.

National Floors Direct emphasizes customer satisfaction and safety as much as convenience and product quality. National Floors Direct’s reviews, including an average 4-star rating out of nearly 400 on Google, reflect this.

Justin Sawchuck is committed to raising that number in the near future by continuing National Floors Direct’s legacy of providing exceptional products and unparalleled customer service.

Learn more about National Floors Direct here:

National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Wins Bid With HCRE to Supply Flooring for All NYC Buildings

National Floors Direct, one of the Northeast United States’ leading direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty service providers, won a contract with the esteemed New York City developer HCRE to be the exclusive floor-covering provider for all of HCRE’s NYC buildings. This includes prime locations in SoHo, Chinatown, and LES, as well as Flushing, Queens, where HCRE is currently developing a 300,000 square-foot space.National Floors Direct

HCRE is a real estate developer focused on unique, high-quality opportunities in and around New York City, per the company’s LinkedIn profile.

HCRE’s focus on one-of-a-kind properties, quality, and innovation align well with National Floors Direct’s principals and priorities.

National Floors Direct is unique in their field as they offer an impressive array of exceptional-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products from some of the best names in the business at a fraction of the price of boutique retailers, without sacrificing quality, safety, or durability.

They service a broad range of clients, from homeowners to hoteliers and businesses. They are particularly proud to contribute to the restoration and rejuvenation of historically and culturally important sites like the Canal Street Market. National Floors Direct has also contributed to the revitalization of structures like the Historic Pier A Harbor House and NYC’s Sohotel.

One of the East Coat’s most successful flooring providers, National Floors Direct offers an extensive catalog of reputable brand-name products from the largest suppliers in the world. The company, headquartered in Astoria, NY, also has office locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey. The company’s service region includes Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

In order to service its clients better, National Floors Direct recently opened a brand new state-of-the-art 60,0000 square-feet distribution center in Astoria to meet increasing demand.

National Floors Direct’s reviews from customers throughout the Eastern seaboard, as well as their reputation in the real estate, flooring, and construction and contracting industries, are a testament to their superb work and product offerings.

Sam Rosenberg, CEO of National Floors Direct, said he is honored and excited at the opportunity to work with HCRE. He looks forward to building a more beautiful New York with the HCRE team.

Learn more about National Floors Direct here:

National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Carries Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring

National Floors Direct becomes the first specialty retailer to carry in-stock Mohawk waterproof laminate flooring. 

National Floors Direct made the decision to carry Mohawk flooring due to its great quality, and their clientele’s response was overwhelmingly positive. National Floors Direct made the decision to work with Mohawk since they bring over 34 different types of laminate products and 200 styles to the table. 

Mohawk designs are known for their famous laminate sandwich. The bottom layer of the sandwich is the balancing layer, which provides the support necessary to add on additional layers. The middle layer is also known as the core. In the core, the laminate contains a high-density fiberboard and a tongue and groove edge that allows for the top and bottom layers to connect. Finally, on top of the core, the final layer provides the design and pattern of the tile. It also features a clear layer that protects the flooring against scratches, fading, and staining.

To make the “layer sandwich” as durable as possible, the laminate flooring gets pressed together using a technique that involves pressure and heat. Once all the layers have been secured together, the individual planks get cut to appropriate sizes. 

National Floors Direct utilizes Mohawk because of its many technological advantages. Because many people looking for flooring are concerned about sustainability, National Floors Direct wanted a brand that was eco-friendly. Mohawk is one of the leaders in eco-friendly flooring technology. They only use recycled materials, which helps eliminate waste from landfills. Also, to minimize the ecological impact, they use fast-growing southern pine to build their cores. 

All of Mohawk’s laminate floorings also provide a strong layer resistant against scratches and regular wear and tear. To prevent scratches, Mohawk uses a unique technology to fuse aluminum crystals to the top layer of the laminate. They also use a unique gluing system that keeps the laminates together and speeds up the installation while minimizing the amount of mess.

Featuring a direct-to-consumer shipping model, National Floors Direct takes pride in revolutionizing the way its products are delivered to their customers. They have over seventy-five years of experience in the flooring business and continue to raise the bar when it comes to brand quality and customer satisfaction.